How to Use the Amazon Seller Account: Complete Guide 2023

Learn all about Amazon Seller Central and the benefits of selling online with Amazon! 

What is Amazon Seller Central?

Seller Central is the portal for accessing and managing your Amazon business and Amazon seller account. 

It provides tools and features for listing products, setting prices, managing inventory, fulfilling orders, communicating with customers, and accessing reports and analytics. 


Amazon Seller Central also integrates with other Amazon services, such as Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), Amazon Advertising, Amazon Brand Registry, and Amazon Global Selling.

How Amazon Seller Central Helps Manage Online Business?

The dashboard contains tools and content to help you grow and manage your business. By using Amazon Seller Central, online sellers can benefit from the following advantages:

Tools for Product Listing and Information Updates

List new products or update product information on existing listings easily.

Daily Sales Tracking and Inventory Management

View metrics on your daily sales and easily see what your current inventory is.

Payments, Returns, and Refunds Management

Easily track all payments, returns, and refunds for your business.

Custom Business Reports and Customer Metrics

Generate and download business reports tailored to your needs and utilize customer metrics to monitor your store’s performance.

Contacting Selling Partner Support and Growth Tools

Reach partner support quickly, open help tickets, and use growth tools to increase store sales.

Fulfillment options with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

FBA gets your store free shipping and returns, and offers your customers Amazon Customer Service. 

Selling Programs Available (B2B, Handmade, Amazon Custom)

  • Sell to other businesses with B2B.
  • Apply to be an artisan seller with Handmade.
  • Sell custom designs on t-shirts, phone cases, and more with Amazon Custom.

Advertising Campaigns and Customer Feedback Monitoring

Launch and manage Amazon advertising campaigns as well as monitor reviews and other feedback from customers.

International Selling with Amazon Global Selling

Branch out into selling worldwide under Amazon’s brand. 

Benefits of Selling Online with Amazon

Amazon stands as the marketplace, across the globe boasting over 300 million active customers spanning across more than 180 countries. 

When you opt to sell your products on Amazon you gain access to its brand reputation, customer trustworthiness and expansive global presence. This can significantly enhance your sales, and ultimately lead to increased profitability. 

Selling through Amazon offers a plethora of advantages, such as:

Access to Millions of Customers Daily

Millions of potential customers browse Amazon on desktop and on mobile apps. You can also access millions of Prime customers who value fast and free shipping. Amazon’s Prime is a program designed to provide members with perks, like free two day shipping, streaming video and music and more. 

When you sell on Amazon you’ll have the opportunity to offer your customers shipping options, which can significantly boost your sales and enhance customer satisfaction.

Growth Opportunities for Entrepreneurs and SMBs

Entrepreneurs and SMBs selling on Amazon can see average revenue growth of 25%. You can make use of Amazon’s marketing and advertising resources to reach an audience of buyers. Amazon provides a range of tools and programs that can assist you in promoting your products and establishing your brand presence.

These include Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, the Amazon Advertising Console, Amazon Stores and more.

Incorporating these tools into your strategy can significantly boost your visibility, drive traffic to your listings and ultimately increase conversions, on the Amazon platform.

Amazon’s Support and Investment in Third-Party Sellers

Over the five years, Amazon has introduced a total of 225 tools specifically designed to assist third party sellers. Furthermore you have the option to utilize Amazon’s fulfillment services, which can be a time and effort saver. 

If you decide to go with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) you can conveniently store your products in their warehouses. Trust them with handling tasks such, as packaging, shipping and customer service, on your behalf.

This allows you to prioritize your core business activities while entrusting the remaining responsibilities to Amazon.

How Amazon Seller Central Works

Amazon Seller central is designed to streamline business management. To use Amazon Seller Central, sellers need to register for an account and choose a selling plan. There are two main types of selling plans: Individual and Professional. 

Individual sellers are required to pay a fee for each item they sell whereas Professional sellers have the option of paying a subscription fee, which grants them access to features and benefits. 

Amazon Seller Central also provides sellers with the opportunity to participate in programs and services offered by Amazon including Fulfillment, by Amazon (FBA) Amazon Advertising, Amazon Brand Registry and Amazon Global Selling. 

By taking advantage of these programs and services sellers can expand their business reach, connect with customers and enhance their brand reputation on the platform.

Creating an Amazon Seller Account and Accessing Seller Central

Create a new Amazon account or sign in with an existing one to create an Amazon seller account, this automatically gives you access to Seller Central. 

Customizing the Dashboard and Managing Inventory and Fulfillment

Customize the dashboard with widgets. Use Inventory Management to source, store, track, and process your products. Track and process packing, shipping, returns, and exchanges through Fulfillment.

Pricing Management and Setting Alerts

On the pricing dashboard, you can do the following:

  • Manage pricing
  • Automate pricing
  • Track pricing health
  • Set fix price alerts
  • Check discounts 

Order and Return Management, Including Reports

Manage all orders, returns, and claims. You can even download order reports. 

Advertising, Promotions, and Managing an Amazon Store

Use the Campaign manager to run and manage advertisements, as well as offer special deals and promotions. Check out Prime Exclusive Discounts too. 

Monitoring Performance and Using Seller Resources

With Seller Resources, you can: 

  • Automate your daily tasks
  • Access templates and reports
  • Contact Selling Partner Support
  • Interact on the Seller Central Forums
  • Enroll in recommended programs 


Is Amazon seller account free?

The answer to this question varies based on the type of account you opt for. Amazon offers two types of seller accounts; individual and professional. When you create an Individual Seller account there is no charge. However, you will need to pay $0.99 for each item you sell along with selling fees.

On the other hand , a professional seller account costs $39.99 per month. With this type of account you can sell items without incurring the per item fee. Additionally you gain access to a variety of tools and features that can help expand your business.

What are the requirements for an Amazon seller account?

To set up a seller account you’ll have to furnish details, like your name, address, phone number and email. Also there might be a requirement to submit verification documents such as bank account statements, credit card statements or proof of identity.

Depending on the products you plan to sell you may also need to apply for approval, in categories or brands that Amazon requires.

Is Amazon Seller Account the same as Vendor Account?

Amazon Seller Central and Amazon Vendor Central are two platforms, on Amazon. While Amazon Seller Central is primarily designed for sellers, Amazon Vendor Central caters to manufacturers and distributors who directly sell their products to Amazon.


Creating an Amazon seller account is a process that anyone can do. If you’re curious, about entering the world of selling you can give it a try without any risk. Alternatively if you’re looking to grow your business Amazon offers an opportunity to showcase your products to a larger audience.

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