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Scalable Success - Milva Propolis Shampoo's Strategic PPC Surge with Over 300% Sales Increase on Amazon

Executive Summary
The Amazon PPC campaign for Milva Propolis Shampoo showcases an exemplary case of leveraging data analytics to drive month-over-month improvements in key performance metrics. With a focus on impressions, CTR, and ACoS, the campaign demonstrates how strategic adjustments can result in enhanced visibility and profitability.

– Elevate the number of impressions to boost brand visibility.
– Augment CTR for higher ad effectiveness and user engagement.
– Lower ACoS to maximize return on ad spend.
– Increase sales revenue substantially.

Strategic Approach
A methodical approach was adopted, emphasizing:
– Targeted Keyword Selection: Refined to improve ad relevance and reach.
– Dynamic Bid Management: Adjusted to optimize for cost and placement.
– Creative Optimization: Enhanced to increase consumer appeal and click-throughs.

Monthly Performance Analysis

November: Foundation Setting
Impressions: Established a baseline with over 41,000 impressions.
CTR: A modest start with a 0.51% average.
ACoS: Identified room for optimization with a 45.03% average.
Sales: Initiated traction with £141.37 in sales.


December: Gaining Momentum
Impressions: Slight increase to approximately 43,679, indicating growing visibility.
CTR: Improvement to 0.72%, showing better engagement.
ACoS: Significant reduction to 33.39%, reflecting effective cost management.
Sales: Increased to £296.36, showing positive revenue growth.


January: Refinement and Profitability
Impressions: A remarkable rise to 87,765, more than doubling the initial figure.
CTR: Maintained at an average of 0.53%, despite the large increase in impressions.
ACoS: Sharply reduced to 26.17%, approaching the target profitability range.
Sales: A substantial increase to £576.31, correlating with improved ad performance.


Analysis of Results
In summary, the Milva Propolis Shampoo campaign over three months on Amazon showed remarkable growth and optimization:

Sales: Experienced a dramatic increase from £141.37 to £576.31, marking a 307.95% rise from the start of the campaign.
Impressions: More than doubled, with a 101.13% increase, from 41,290 to 87,765.
CTR: Improved from 0.51% to 0.53%, showing enhanced ad targeting and user engagement.
ACoS: Decreased significantly from 45.03% to 26.17%, indicating a move towards greater cost efficiency and profitability.

case study

Enhancing Amazon Presence

Objective: Improve brand visibility on Amazon through optimized listings and professional imagery.

Challenges: Visibility issues impacting sales and unprofessional product images affecting customer interest.

Approach: Optimized product titles and descriptions strategically. Created high-quality, visually appealing product images.

Results: Increased visibility with optimized listings, leading to higher organic traffic. Enhanced customer engagement through professional imagery, boosting trust and conversions.

Conclusion: successfully elevated brand presence on Amazon through strategic listing optimization and professional imagery, resultin g in improved visibility and increased customer engagement.

case study

Launching Brands on Amazon

Objective: Successfully develop and establish new brands on Amazon.

Challenges: Creating brand identity from scratch and entering the competitive Amazon marketplace.

Approach: Conducted market research, created a distinctive brand identity, and optimized product listings for effective market entry.

Results: Successfully launched brands with strong recognition on Amazon. Positive customer response, generating reviews, and building a loyal customer base.

Conclusion: strategically developed and launched brands, establishing a successful presence on Amazon and fostering positive customer engagement.

case study

Managing 50+ Brands with Brand Registry

ObjectiveEfficiently oversee and optimize 50+ brands on Amazon using Brand Registry.

ChallengesBrand management complexity with a diverse portfolio and ensuring Amazon marketplace compliance.

ApproachLeveraged Brand Registry for streamlined brand control. Developed tailored strategies for each brand to maximize visibility and sales.

ResultsSuccessfully maintained and optimized 50+ brands within a single account. Utilized Brand Registry tools to proactively address brand-related issues. Reduced unauthorized sellers and counterfeit products, ensuring brand compliance. efficiently manages a diverse portfolio of over 50 brands through Brand Registry, ensuring streamlined brand control and marketplace compliance.

case study

In-House Fulfillment for Amazon Goods

Objective: Efficiently manage the preparation and shipping of goods to Amazon for multiple brands from our in-house warehouse.

Approach: handles end-to-end logistics, preparing and shipping goods directly to Amazon. Streamlined warehouse operations ensure timely and accurate fulfillment for our brands.

Results: Seamless logistics and in-house fulfillment contribute to optimized supply chain efficiency. Brands benefit from timely product availability on Amazon, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Conclusion:’s in-house fulfillment model proves instrumental in managing the preparation and shipping of goods for our brands, ensuring reliability and efficiency in the Amazon marketplace.

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